Data concerning the Soles manufacturing is listed below:

Company : Enkay Hws India Limited &
Enkay (India) Rubber Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Product : Soles

Material : TPR , PVC and PU

Machine Used : DESMA Injection Moulding machines, Both Single and 2 Colour types.
DESMA PU Injection Moulding machine.

Capacity : 12000 pairs Soles / day in TPR and PVC
  6000 pairs Soles / day in PU
  4000 pairs Heels / day in Polystyrene

Utilisation of Capacity : 8000 pairs / day in TPR & PVC Soles
5000 pairs / day in PU Soles
3000 pairs / day in Heels
Major Customers    
Domestic : Woodland, Lotus Bawa, Lee Cooper, Wasan Liberty, Gaitonde.

Overseas : Hindustan Levers, K.H. Shoes, Ponds India, Drish Shoes, N.M.Zackaria, Marina Shoes, M.B. Footwear, Tata Exports, Oasis Leathers, Ram Exports and Chandan Exports etc.

Exports Destination : U.K., France, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia and Middle East countries, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh

Important European Buyers / Organisations Using Our Soles : Shuh Union, Novi Wortmann, Salamander, Quelle, K. Mart, Woolworth, Hush Puppies U.K., Shemenger, Haam.

About the Venture

Footwear Soles
Enkay HWS India Limited is a Joint Venture between Enkay (India) Rubber Co. Pvt. Ltd. of Delhi and HWS Sohlenfabrikation Gmbh of Germany for making the High Quality TPR & PVC Soles in India. The Joint Venture was visualised with a view to capture the growing footwear export market in INDIA with an accent to Europe. General consumption pattern reveal that more than 35% of shoes exported from INDIA are made on TPR or PVC soles. The plant is situated in Gurgaon and has an installed capacity of about 8000 pairs. The existing mould bank of Enkay Hws allows it to offer to its customers a wide range of soles for ladies, mens & children for all seasons and for all kind of shoes. Enkay HWS soles have found acceptance all over Europe and INDIA and with its consistent thrust on quality with service. The mark of Enkay HWS on the sole is preferred by more and more shoe importers from INDIA.
PU Sole are made in Enkay in new location at Lakhnoila. A second PU machine is being installed by June, 2003.
Quality Philosophy : Total Customer satisfaction through consistent Quality and Service.

Vision : Manufacturer and exporter of Footwear Soles of all types and materials be it be T.P.R., P.V.C., P.U. and Natural Rubber.



he Company must produce and sell soles of International quality. The process involved must ensure goods of the highest standard starting from the basic raw material to the final packing material used.

No compromise on the raw material must be made. All raw material must come into the process duly tested in all respect. In process testing and inspections must ensure that the sole indeed becomes the "soul" of the ultimate shoe.

The process parameters must be controlled to ensure the perfectly engineered product. No compromise must be made at any level considering all factors of shoe making and wearability. Structural and visual appeal of the soles emanates from the design of the Italian moulds used and the best compounds specially engineered to brave the rigours of various conditions to give the best comfort to the foot. This coupled with the durability must ensured that name Enkay HWS is held in high esteem world over.

The company must utilise the services of institutions like FDDI & CLRI, which SATRA approved, to test and ensure that the millions of feet resting on "ENKAY HWS" soles get the same comfort and feel time after time.

REMEMBER - Any defect in the soles can mean value loss many times more to the customer besides loss of image.

Good quality will also uphold the image of your country.

Enkay ( India ) Rubber Company Private Limited
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